Spring into Year 2022

As we have sprung into 2022, we are excited offer a robust seminar series, begin new partnerships with other institutions and programs, and support our members and MSK community with their research. 

We continuously seek to better understand how to serve you. As such, we are preparing the CCMBM annual member survey in preparation for our annual NIH NIAMS progress report. In advance, we thank you for your feedback. It is crucial for shaping future CCMBM services and programs that will benefit you and your research.

CCMBM at a Glance


CCMBM Welcomes Back the MSK Community with In-Person Scientific Retreat

This year the NIH P30 Core Center for Musculoskeletal Biology and Medicine (CCMBM) hosted its annual scientific retreat in a hybrid format welcoming everyone back in-person and through remote participation online. Co-sponsored with UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, the event entitled The Past, Present, and Future of Aging: Perspectives on Building Longer Healthier Lives drew over 110 attendees to join the 24 invited speakers and moderators during March 15-16, 2022.


Group picture, from left to right: Tamara Alliston, PhD; Galateia Kazakia, PhD, Steven Petrow, Coleen Sabatini, MD; Nathan Young, PhD.
CCMBM hosts annual scientific retreat at UCSF Mission Bay Campus. Steven Petrow and Dr. Coleen Sabatini provided a key conversation on aging and the intersection with musculoskeletal heath. L-R: Tamara Alliston, PhD; Galateia Kazakia, PhD, Steven Petrow, Coleen Sabatini, MD; Nathan Young, PhD.=


During the first day, Steven Petrow, Washington Post columnist and award-winning journalist along with Coleen Sabatini, MD Orthopaedic Surgeon and Professor at UCSF, provided a key conversation on aging and its intersection with musculoskeletal heath. Slam talks were given by three UCSF trainees with Orthopaedic Surgery Resident Ryan Halvorson as the declared winner.

Ryan Halvorson holds first place slam talk certificate


The second day of the retreat featured sessions on the past, present and future of aging with Bradford Distinguished Lectureship Speaker Douglas P. Kiel who gave his keynote on, “Hallmarks of the Aging Skeleton.”


CCMBM Junior Investigator and event committee member Upasana Bharadwaj, MD, led the afternoon’s guided meditation before we concluded the day with the closing keynote from James N. Weinstein, DO, MS, Senior Vice President of Microsoft Health, who spoke on “The Sixth Scientific Paradigm: Big Data Meets Ptolemaic Socioeconomics.”

Congratulations to the Poster Winners!

Best Postdoc Poster - Serra Kaya, PhD, Transcriptomic Analysis of Aged Mouse Bone Identifies Novel Genes Enriched for Genetic Associations with Osteoarthritis in Human

Second Place Trainee Poster - Jessica Ornowski, Validity of Automated T1-weighted Thresholding Approaches for Predicting Fat Infiltration of the Paraspinal Muscles with omparison to Advanced Water-far Sequences

Best Graduate Student Poster - Karsyn Bailey, Mechanosensitive Control of Articular Cartilage and Subchondral Bone Homeostasis Requires Osteocytic TGFβ Signaling

Second Place Graduate Student Poster- Jihee Yoon, miR-181a/b Controls Osteocyte Bioenergetics


The CCMBM would like to thank event Sponsors:
=  UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
=  Dr. David Bradford Lectureship Fund
=  UCSF Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science
=  UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging
=  Center for Disruptive Musculoskeletal Innovations (CDMI)



Kudos to the Scientific Retreat Committee: Galateia Kazakia, PhD, and Nathan Young, PhD, Event Co-Chairs; Tamara Alliston, PhD; Upasana Bharadwaj, MD; Noah Bonnheim, PhD; Victor Cheuy, PhD; Nicholas Hanne, PhD; Candice Herber, PhD; Sunita Ho, PhD; Jerry Jung, PhD; Pui Yee Law; Mary Tran.


Congratulations to Members on their CCMBM Awards

Christine Hong, DMD

Christine Hong, DMD

Associate Professor

Department of Orofacial Sciences

Project: Role of p75NTR in Osteogenic Differentiation and Skeletal Development using Mouse Models

Award: Pilot/Feasibility (CCMBM)

Kazuhito Morioka, PhD

Kazuhito Morioka, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Project: Nociplastic Spinal Cord-Muscle Loop in Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

Award: Pilot/Feasibility (CCMBM & Academic Senate)


CCMBM 2022 Seminar Series

We are excited to host the upcoming spring seminars and bring speakers to the UCSF community. CCMBM members, including junior investigators, have priority to meet with visiting faculty speakers. CCMBM members, including junior investigators, have priority to meet with visiting faculty speakers. Take the poll to let the Seminar Committee know your meeting preferences. The Committee will follow up with scheduling details as we near each speaker’s visit. Contact Mary Tran if you would like us to invite potential speakers for this coming summer and fall.

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CCMBM 2022 seminars series