Standard Operating Procedures

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EBSD Core:

  • Sample Size Calculators - Sample size calculations are used to determine the number of samples needed to detect a particular effect size or difference between groups. The website provides a collection of sample size calculators that are designed to accompany UCSF’s Designing Clinical Research course. The sample size calculators are useful not only for clinical research studies but also for laboratory-based studies. The calculator finder can be used to find the appropriate sample size calculator for a given study design and type of measurement. If help is needed to navigate these sample size calculators, please contact an EBSD core staff member.

Skeletal Biology and Biomechanics Core 

  • OMBRE Protocols - Osteocyte-mediated Bone Remodeling (OMBRE) consists of five components: 1. lacunocanalicular - staining and quantitation; 2.collagen organization - staining and quantitative analysis; 3.PLR gene expression; 4.In vitro functional assay – quantitative analysis of intracellular pH; 5.Immunohistochemical analysis of PLR protein expression in bone histological sections.
  • Collagen Hydroxyproline Assay SOP describes how to measure the amount of hydroxyproline content in tissue
  • RNA Isolation from Skeletal Tissue SOP
  • Nanostring nCounter is a multiplexed measurement of nucleic acids with high precision and sensitivity. Nanostring can detect and count hundreds of unique transcripts with fluorescent color-coded barcode probes and single molecular imaging with minimal starting RNA. This service along with pre-build CodeSets are downloadable. Contact Katherine Popovich at [email protected] for custom CodeSets.
    -   94 gene codeset [PDF file download]
    -   627 gene codeset [PDF file download