SBB Services

The primary mission of the skeletal biology core is to facilitate the understanding of basic skeletal biology, the discovery of disease mechanisms, and the development of novel diagnostics and therapies for musculoskeletal disease by providing resources and expertise in different areas of skeletal biology.

Specific goals of this core include:

In support of musculoskeletal research projects, we provide services in experiment consultation, sample preparation, sample analysis, and data interpretation. The techniques for which these services are offered are detailed on the Sub-Core pages.

SBB Core Organizational Chart

SBB Core routine services

Routine services offered by the SBB Core are to provide integrated analysis of biological and physical features of the skeleton across multiple length scales; EchoMRI and Consultants extend the Core’s impact by offering expertise in Advanced Musculoskeletal Biology and Biomechanics.


MicroCT and Imaging

Provides imaging services for small animals and tissue specimens using computed X-ray tomography. 


Micro CT and Imaging, led by Dr. Wenhan Chang, is located at the SF-VAMC Mission Bay campus at 1700 Owens Street.

Microcomputed X-Ray Tomography (MicroCT)

This core provides services in microCT imaging for small animals and tissue specimens. This imaging system, manufactured by Scanco Medical, utilises a Scanco VivaCT40 scanner for live animal imaging and a Scanco µCT50 scanner dedicated to specimen imaging. This service will be provided by experienced, full-time staff.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

We provide an FTIR imaging system and relevant expertise for investigators to assess biochemicalcomposition and matrix quality within bone.

Animal Injury Models

The Core has the capabilities to generate models of musculoskeletal injury which include long bone fracture, ligament rupture, and osteoarthritis. We are also committed to developing novel models of injury to support new collaborations.


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