SBB Services

The SBB core offers expertise in Advanced Musculoskeletal Biology and Biomechanics, including integrated analysis of biological and physical features of the skeleton across multiple length scales. Selective routine services are offered and Consultants extend the Core's impact through our Consultation services. 



In-Vivo micro-CT

Quantitative analysis and 3D renderings performed in live mice utilizing Micro-computed tomography (microCT) systems. Useful in both longitudinal and cross-sectional studies for comparative data.



Ex-vivo micro-CT

Quantitative bone microarchitecture/morphology and bone tissue mineralization can be evaluated by performing micro-computed tomographic imaging. Scanning of soft tissues such as heart and cartilage can be done upon special sample preparation and staining. Scanning systems include two Sanco µCT50 devices. 



Advanced biomechanics 

Investigation of biomechanical properties under a variety of loading configurations, including custom testing fixtures and testing protocols. Testing systems include a BOSE ELF 3200 and MTS Bionix 858. 



Three-point bending

Investigation of long-bone functional properties by three-point bending, including whole-bone structural properties (femoral bending stiffness, maximum moment and failure moment) and bone tissue "material" properties (elastic modulus, yield strength, ultimate strength). 

NanoString nCounter Analysis 

Gene expression profiling of total RNA or cell lysates using nCounter Max system.


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