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Junior Investigator Grant Development Awards

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We have three more awards available in this grant year and will be awarding them on a rolling basis until all funds have been used.

The Junior Investigator Grant Development Award provides funding for a junior CCMBM member to host a meeting (e.g., lunch or dinner) with 1–3 UCSF faculty members who are outside of the trainee’s current lab to:

1) brainstorm/solicit informal feedback on a study idea or research direction;

2) learn about the latest methods and techniques used in related fields;

3) identify potential collaborators;

4) promote inter-disciplinary MSK research; and

5) expand the trainee’s professional network.

If you are not a member, you may concurrently apply for membership while your Grant Development application is being reviewed.

Apply via the online application form today! Contact Noah Bonnheim for questions on this funding opportunity.

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