CSR Partner Events

The UCSF CCMBM has a new collaborative partnership with our East Coast colleagues in the Center for Skeletal Research (CSR), a similar Center that serves the greater Boston area and neighboring institutions.

Center for Skeletal Research

Center for Skeletal Research Summer Lecture Series

As part of this collaboration, trainees affiliated with CCMBM labs were invited to attend the CSR Skeletal Biology Summer Course. This six-week course, taught by experts in skeletal research had weekly meetings to review basic concepts in skeletal biology and skeletal research techniques.

The course is recommended for summer students and new members of CCMBM labs who will benefit from foundational training in skeletal research. All sessions will be presented & recorded through Zoom. Contact csrmail@partners.org for questions about these lectures.

Wednesday, June 16
Henry Kronenberg, MD
Bone cells and their functions
Endocrine Unit, Mass General Hospital

Wednesday, June 23
Beth Bragdon, PhD
Fracture healing and repair strategies
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Boston University

Wednesday, June 30
Eva Liu, MD
Vitamin D
Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Wednesday, July 7
Lamya Karim, PhD
Department of Bioengineering, UMass Dartmouth

Thursday, July 15
Marc Wein, MD, PhD and Kathy Tang, PhD
Gene editing and cell signaling
Endocrine Unit, Mass General Hospital
*Recording coming soon

Wednesday, July 21
April Craft, PhD
Harnessing the Power of IPSCs to Study and Repair Cartilage
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Boston Children’s Hospital
*Recording coming soon

Wednesday, July 28
Petra Simic, MD, PhD
Calcium/phosphate metabolism
Departments of Nephrology and Medicine, Mass General Hospital