Wenhan Chang, PhD
Phone: 415-750-2089 ext. 3880
Email: [email protected]
Office: San Francisco VA Medical Center

Histology, led by Dr. Wenhan Chang, is located at the SF-VAMC Mission Bay campus at 1700 Owens Street.





We offer resources and equipment to perform histomorphometric analysis of calcified bone sections. This service includes techniques in plastic embedding, sectioning, staining, microscopy, and quantitative analysis.

In addition, the core also provides tools to perform tissue analysis on decalcified sections. These tools are BioQuant Osteo and TissueGnostics TissueFACS software for quantitative analysis. Specific services include embedding, sectioning, and staining of paraffin and frozen sections.

OMBRE Core for Osteocyte-mediated Bone Remodeling
We have developed new protocols for Tier 1 services to assess outcome measures of perilacunar remodeling, including:
1) lacunocanalicular staining – silver nitrate staining of histological sections and quantitative analysis of lacunocanalicular area
2) collagen organization – picrosirius red staining of collagen for polarized light microscopy and quantitative analysis of collagen linearity
3) PLR gene expression – qRT-PCR analysis of MMP2, MMP13, MMP14, and CatK gene expression in RNA isolated from bone samples
4) in vitro functional assay – quantitative analysis of intracellular pH, a PLR functional outcome, changes using the pH-sensitive fluorescent dye 5-(and-6)-carboxy-SNARF-1, AM